WordPress – CMS | Orlando Web Administrators

WordPress – CMS | Orlando Web Administrators

WordPress is the leading content management system (CMS) among the largest number of top websites that are doing business on the internet. This phenomenal popularity of WordPress lies in the features that this CMS provides to its users. The content management system is popular to Website Management Professionals to help add and update content for their website without having to go into too much of technicalities. A CMS such as wordpress allows the Web Administrators to create or alter the content of their website without any need of knowing the markup languages. WordPress takes this a step further and makes it as simple as typing a URL for its users. Thus, it has helped make the task of compiling and maintaining the continuous flow of data so much easier for Orlando Web Administrators.

WordPress is an open source CMS that is available to the users free of charge but some of the added features may cost them some premium. This CMS uses PHP code and it stores data in the MS SQL database, which has become the norm in the major content management systems of late. A large number from among the top 1 million websites on the internet use WordPress to manage and compile their web content. The rich variety of plug-ins and template designs has made this content management system the leading choice among Orlando Web Administrators. This CMS provides holistic solutions to the online publishing needs of its users. The software is capable of extending every bit of help that Orlando Web Administrators may require while creating new content. It can check grammar, spelling, and review it from the drafting stage of the content creation process to the time they hit the publish button. Therefore, this CMS is capable of taking the place of entire workflow of the content creation process.

The themes available with WordPress allow Orlando Web Administrators to change the look of their website without changing the web content. They allow their users to change the look of the site without altering the information content or general structure of the site. The users can choose from thousands of WordPress on offer with some of them available free of cost while others may charge a premium for their use. The themes are extremely easy to install and users can add or edit the PHP, CSS, and HTML codes found in various themes to add or remove advanced features according to their preferences.

WordPress takes good care of the content that their users generate and automatically saves those works. The CMS creates a snapshot of the content that its users have created every time they hit the save button. This makes it possible for the users to revert to the older versions at any time by few simple clicks. WordPress allows its users to publish their content from a number of mobile platforms including Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and host of other platforms. Users can even publish their content via email if they have not listed their phone with the CMS. Therefore, no wonder that WordPress has grown to become the most popular CMS on the internet.

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