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Do you need a new website or a website that provides better leads?
Do you need someone to manage your website keeping the website secure?

That’s what we do.

Receive 20% off your new Website when you sign up for a Web Management Service

Web Management services starting at $159.99 a month, a 6 month commitment is required to qualify for the 20% discount.

Web Management

Why web management and monitoring service is a must for every business?

Using our Web Management services is like having your own team of creative professionals at your command. A simple email or phone call will get our gears in motion. Our Web Management professionals can get your website back on track and running smoothly in a matter of hours or days instead of weeks or months! We guarantee all minor and moderate updates and modifications to be done within 24-hours except week-ends. Week-ends are reserved for emergencies and major updates only.

Why pay someone a salary plus benefits when you can get the same services for a low monthly payment.

Do you have an existing HTML or WordPress website that may require repair, updates, or any major content changes on a regular basis or even on occasion? Our Web Management services could be a long-term solution to your website issues.

The Common Issues Solved by Web Management

Web Management

When a potential client contacts us for assistance, it’s usually because their website needs an update, or is having security issues that ultimately can bring their website down. This is known as the “reactive” approach to managing a website, if you can call that managing it at all. These types of issues can be avoided by simply being “proactive” by having someone on your side that can help you avoid these issues completely or at the very least as much as possible.

Simply installing the proper monitoring, and security software along with the knowledge of using certain features available in the CMS (Content Management System) that runs your website can be a game changer. These tools along with knowledge and experience to use them can help your website run smoothly and secure it from brute force attacks the can end with your website being hacked causing downtime that can hurt your business. Like a boat or a car, if properly cared for it can run like a well oiled machine keeping your focus on what you do best and that’s running your business.

Is Your Website Responsive?

If it’s not you could be missing out on your share of mobile traffic and possible leads. 58.9% of all internet users in 2017 came from mobile devices and with that number growing everyday a mobile friendly website is a must.

Web Management

Thank you for your interest in learning how 2gether Design can help you with Web Management or any of your Web Marketing needs. Just give us a call at 321-217-9405 or visit our contact page and we look forward to hearing from you and finding solutions to all your website needs.

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