Website Management Services

Here at 2gether Design we provide you a dedicated Web Management Professional that will become the point person that manages your personal or business website. Your Web Management Professional will ultimately be responsible for managing your website and is fully capable of helping you with all aspects of a well-maintained and effective website.

Your Web Management Professional will make sure that all security updates are completed on a regular basis, validate your links and monitor the hard drive space and bandwidth of your web server. Making sure website back-ups are completed as scheduled. Keeping multiple offsite copies to make sure your website files are safe in case of a catastrophic failure.

Website Management Services Available at Your Finger Tips

  • Website Management
  • Web Marketing
  • Social Media Management & Strategy
  • SEO Consultation/Administration
  • Content/Blog Development
  • Graphic Design
  • Brand Development
  • Business Card Design
  • Postcard & Flyer Design
  • Marketing Material Design

Website/CMS Version & Plugin Updates

Updating and upgrading your website/CMS must be completed on a regular basis in order for it to be web maintained and secured. We can help you or your business with this by elevating you from an undesired & pesky task that should not be ignored. We will also update the multitude of plug-ins you have installed on the website. Closing any possible backdoors, a hacker can use to break into your site, compromising your website, clients and its users.

Keeping your CMS and plugins up-to-date will result in better website performance, improved security and improved search engine visibility.

Online & Offsite Website Backup Services

Online and offsite backups of your website are completed routinely and stored on the server and offsite as part of our regular maintenance service. The frequency of your online and offsite backups is scheduled towards your specific needs. The last 3 completed backups are always available for your use instantly upon request. You can depend on at least one monthly offsite backup with any of our management plans.

Website Monitoring

We have the knowledge and skills needed to review, evaluate, update and monitor blocked IPs, bad links, and any blocked domain names that can be affecting your website negatively. We will Install a security plugin that will monitor any attack to the site and stop it. It also will give us the ability to ban IP addresses from confirmed attackers. We also scan for website malware and network blacklists on a regular basis.

24 Hour Turnaround service available

All email communications will be answered in 24 hours or less guaranteed. Most website design work, updates or upgrades completed in four hours or less. Any work requests that will take more than four hours will be provided with an estimate and will require formal approval before beginning the work. All graphic, marketing material, or promotional gear will require more time but work will begin right away.

Free Consultation

All of our management clients are entitled to free consulting and brainstorming sessions. Email or call us to setup a meeting to discuss what you want to get done. Our goal is to educate, advise, be creative and keep you happy with us and the service we provide.

Custom Work & Specialty Projects

We can help your business in many different ways. From graphics, marketing material, promotional gear to any web related project you may need completed. It’s important for you to know that we can be an extension of your business so whatever you need we are at your disposal.

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