The Value of a Website & Website Management

Why should I build a website for my business?

Because we’re not in the 90’s anymore. We still run into business owners on a regular basis that tell us that they don’t care about their website because they don’t get any business from people online. Maybe you’re not getting business from the web because you don’t have an appealing website. Don’t be that person!

But my 2003 built website still works fine. Why do I need a new one?

Having a sales driven and easily navigable website can make the difference between someone choosing you or your competition. This is a representation of you and your brand. It’s kind of like going to a job interview in jeans and a tuxedo t-shirt as opposed to wearing a suit and tie. When someone comes to your website, you want to make a good first impression, especially if they haven’t heard of your company before. Stop chasing away your customers with your zombie of a website and step into something shiny and new.

How will people see my website on mobile devices?

Remember that website you have that was built in 2003? Or should we say, your glorified brochure with a domain name? Technology has evolved exponentially since that time. Your need your website to evolve with it. Our websites are designed to automatically respond to any dimension, making it easy to read on smartphones and tablets. Imagine being able read the content on your site without zooming in. All this could be yours.

Set yourself up for success

Your website can help you build your business in a number of ways. You’re an expert at what you do, right? Of course you are. Show it off. Our websites create a platform to brag and inform your audience. Stand out in the crowd of competitors that show up when you search for the services you offer. You’re better than they are! When a clear message and call to action presents itself with professional images and graphics, there should be no reason for anyone to leave your site without contacting you or making a purchase.

We Can Manage Your Site

So you’ve invested in a new website. It’s responsive, search engine optimized, and looks like a million bucks. But, who is going to keep it looking and working it’s best when you need to add a new service, change the content, or adjust the site based on user feedback? With our website management service, we’ll worry about keeping your site looking and performing it’s best, while you worry about the other aspects of your business, even if we didn’t design the site!

Do you do all your home maintenance yourself? Probably not, because you aren’t the expert; you call someone who has experience in the field. Why should your website be any different? Our website management service allows you to focus on the aspects of your business you know and leaves the maintenance of the site to us. We’ve been designing, building, and managing websites for over 7 years, so you can rest assured that we will keep your site in top shape.

Even if you are tech-savvy and are updating your site, you are busy running your business and you don’t have time to do everything yourself. You have to make decisions about what to do now and what to put off until later. Often, updating your website falls into the “do it later” category until it’s forgotten. With our website management service, you can delegate the upkeep and maintenance of your site to us and we’ll make sure that your website is maintained, which allows you to focus your energy and get more done.

The best part about our website management service is it is a custom plan, not a one-size-fits-all solution. We evaluate the needs of your site, discuss your future plans for the site, your goals, and your expectations, to give you a fixed price solution for your needs.

So if you’re tired of trying to keep your website up to date by yourself, or need someone with the expertise and experience to keep up in this ever-changing digital landscape, contact 2gether design today!